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Happy Valentine's Day, My Loves!

I’m exhausted. Thank God it’s a long weekend. Monday is Family Day in Ontario and as the name implies, essentially negates the existence of about 33% of the population. I’m not complaining, though…it’s a day off.

I have a date tonight. Kudos to him for scheduling well in advance but conveniently not on Saturday night. That’s a good thing, really – I don’t know how many “ring hidden in pastry” situations I can take. I’d rather just avoid the restaurant scene tomorrow altogether. True story: I was at the dry cleaner today and the lady working said to me “oh, you must be very busy tomorrow”. I had to stop and think for a second. Was there a big festival I didn’t know about? Did I win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes and they’re bringing over the giant cheque and balloons? You can usually tell what I’m thinking by the expression on my face and I must have looked really confused because she proceeded to inform me “It’s Valentine’s Day – you must be very busy”. Sigh. Even my dry cleaner is banking on me to have a date tomorrow, when, really, I’ll just be at home in my pajamas. Oh well. At least someone thinks I’m cool. Life is 90% perception anyway, right?

We got fancy new copy machines at work and our Facilities team has scheduled training sessions for them next week. Training sessions on using the copy machines. And at an hour each, no less. I will be attending simply for the comedic value. This is something I have to see. “No, no…you push this button here – the one that says ‘Copy'”.

Sincere apologies for the watching-paint-dry-on-the-wall-boring posts as of late. I promise to try harder! Note to self: be wittier by half.

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